3498 Polynesian Isle Boulevard Kissimmee, FL 34746(407) 397-4225Monday to Sunday 11am to 2am

A brief history of how Mortons Snowplowing Inc D.B.A. Cheers World has  come to be.  On December 6th, 1994 Brian Oswald and Steve Smith struck a deal with a little known jazz club called “On Stage Live”.  They brought with them the proven concept of “Cheers” along with an employee from the Altamonte Springs store, Mark Willis (currently known by a long list of aliases). Also, with the purchase of On Stage Live came the employee Lucrecia Nova (also known by a long list of aliases).

Cheers quickly became to locals favorite.  Twila and Donna came onboard shortly thereafter at the demand of the regulars.  Cheers has maintained some very basic philosophies that, to this day, still prove to be part of our success!

FREE POOL EVERYDAY.  Twenty Years of being able to come in ANY day of the week and play pool for FREE!

$1(one) dollar for draft beer…still to this day, all of the domestic draft beer will only be $1(one) every day of the week.

FREE FOOD every Friday afternoon.  A spread of food goes out…..rain or shine EVERY FRIDAY!

On January 22, 2001 Cheers suffered a HUGE Loss with the passing of Brian Oswald.  The emotional void left behind slowed Cheers for a long time.  There are pictures we keep in the front of the bar for those who come in and claim “I know the owner of this place”…we kindly just point out the frame.  This was the point in time when a new corporation was formed.  With respect to Brian and his father Morton, and a pure hatred of the Northern winters, Morton’s Snowlplowing became the new corporate name.

As you look around at all of the trophies hanging from the rafters, you will see cheers is commitment to the local community. You will find plaques for the Shriners American, flags flown over Iraq, letters of thanks for supporting Jerrell Racing and proud member of drop off points for cell phones for the soldiers cheers has also contributed millions of dollars directly into the local community through sales tax, liquor tax, payroll tax…..another long list.

With the continued over flowing support of the best customers that any business could hope for, Cheers will continue to support the community and give back. Rest assured that Cheers will be here when the next call for assistant comes in. So, from everyone here to everyone reading this, cheers would like to say thank you and we look forward to seeing you here in the future.