3498 Polynesian Isle Boulevard Kissimmee, FL 34746(407) 397-4225Monday to Sunday 11am to 2am
Fresh Lobster
From Boston comes in every THURSDAY. Let us know by Wednesday how many you want. We serve them HOT & TASTY. Thinking about price, DO NOT WORRY. OUR market price is HALF OF WHAT OTHERS CHARGE
Steamed Clams
CLAMS right from the steamer to you so HOT your fingers need gloves to hold them. So carefully put them in your mouth because you CAN’T EAT JUST ONE
Snow Crab
Our SNOW CRAB comes to you HOT with all the tools you need to open them up and get to the GREAT TASTING meat inside. Need more butter or cocktail sauce NO problem it’s FREE.
Peel and Eat Shrimp
Cooked to order Maryland style in ½ lb or 1 lb servings. BUT don’t worry we have plenty so eat till your full.
BBQ Chicken Quarters
Every Monday we hickory smoke (and other smoke flavors) for about 2 hours our Chicken Quarters (1lb +-) than grill to order and serve with any of our mouth watering wing flavors.
Steamed Mussells
MUSSELS Steamed to perfection in garlic butter and other seasonings. YOU will think, “just how will I eat all of this”.